🔹 Network: Binance Smart Chain

🔹 Name: Diviner Game Token

🔹 Symbol: DGT

🔹 Decimals: 18

🔹 Contract address: 0xFFCc52848b15C6ABd12183e70d96Df25b2498C28

🔹 Trading Tax: 2% buying fee and 10% selling fee to serve LP holder.

Supply and Earning

DGT has an unlimited supply and is earned when a user play game.

To provide liquidity at Pancakeswap's pool, 5,000,000 DGT were created.

We limit 250,000 DGT to reward per day for all user.

DGT Burning Mechanics (Destroying)

The DGT is burned by:

  1. Pay for entrance fee PvE

  2. Civilian recruit (next phrase)

  3. Leveling up Civilians (next phrase)

  4. Unlocking House NFT (next phrase)

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